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Online Modern Slavery Compliance Checks

Policy Compliance Check

Remedy Compliance Check

Statement Compliance Check

The Modern Slavery Compliance Checks assess an entity’s level of alignment with human rights standards and current best practice for addressing modern slavery

  • User-friendly
  • Simple question and answer format
  • Easy to understand
  • Platform accessible to all (legal and non-legal persons)


Why Try Modern Slavery Compliance Checks?

The Modern Slavery Compliance Checks enable entities to:

  • Ensure their policy, remedy and disclosure statement approach to addressing modern slavery aligns with human rights standards and best practice approaches;
  • Learn more about relevant human rights standards as pinpoint references to source standards are included;
  • Understand through best practice examples how human rights standards are operationalised (practical application of human rights standards);
  • Compare through real world examples their current protocols with competitors, thereby incentivising a ‘race to the top’; and
  • Stay up-to-date of current human rights standards and best practice approaches for addressing modern slavery.
How It Works

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