About Compliance Checks

  • International standards require business entities to respond to modern slavery by implementing appropriate policies, due diligence processes and grievance systems. Further, modern slavery reporting legislation obliges business entities to disclose their actions to address modern slavery in their operations and supply chain. Information gathered from these mechanisms should comprise the content of a modern slavery statement.
  • Our Modern Slavery Policy Compliance Check and Modern Slavery Remedy Compliance Check allows you to determine an entity’s compliance level with international standards and current corporate best practice.
  • User-friendly and easy to use, just answer the questions by selecting Yes or No. You will then be able to view the areas an entity needs to address along with an explanation of the expected standard and a current best practice example. This will help to ensure the entity’s alignment with international standards and corporate best practice.
  • Our Modern Slavery Statement Compliance Check allows you to check an entity’s disclosure statement against best practice reporting standards accompanied by a current best practice example. Again, simply answer Yes or No to the questions to see if you need to modify the statement before making it publicly available.
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