Our Vision – A Globally Aligned Approach

Entities should ‘avoid and address’ modern slavery by not causing or contributing to modern slavery impacts and addressing modern slavery impacts by prevention, mitigation and (where appropriate) remediation. The three measures required to meet this corporate responsibility are:

  • To establish a policy on modern slavery;
  • To undertake due diligence to identify and address impacts; and
  • To provide remediation for rights holders that have been impacted.
The Modern Slavery Initiative encourages a globally aligned approach to combating modern slavery. We provide a digital solution to modern slavery issues in business and also strong advocacy for policy development.
  • Our Policy Compliance Check and Remedy Compliance Check allows you to determine an entity’s compliance level with international standards and current corporate best practice.
  • Our Modern Slavery Statement Compliance Check allows you to check an entity’s disclosure statement against best practice reporting standards.
The Initiative also raises awareness and advocates for other countries to adopt modern slavery reporting legislation
Together we can end Modern Slavery
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